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Achieving Growth Sustained Profitabilty


As the content of this web site suggests, this consultancy is built on the use of concepts, tools, and techniques that help organizations identify and resolve issues that impede competitive performance and the implementation of technologies that support superior performance.  The underlying philosophy is that the role of the consultant is that of a facilitator who provides a framework and methods for working through issues.  In this context, the client defines and owns solutions that are identified through the facilitation process.  The following client quotes demonstrate the effectiveness of these techniques.  To learn more about the perspectives and frames of reference used by GSP & Associates, you are invited to examine the various white papers attached to this web site and/or contact Glen directly.  All of these concepts are refined and proven through hands-on application.


Consulting engagements can take the form of briefings, fixed cost facilitation, or per diem contracts with defined deliverables.  To learn more regarding how these services can add value to your organization, you are invited to request any white paper or to contact us at 505-401-0199 or send an e-mail to