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Achieving Growth Sustained Profitability

Marketing and Sales Alignment

Few functions have as long a history of disagreement as do Marketing and Sales.  For some organizations the friction becomes part of the fabric of the culture and is accepted as business as usual, but this is a very expensive accommodation.  Few functions represent the level of discretionary spending and impact the image of the company as do these two functions.  It is all too easy to dismiss the friction as being driven by objectives or time horizon; however, it is more likely that the issue relates to a lack of definition of the go to market process and an understanding of customer value needs.  Unless these issues are resolved, all other change efforts will only serve as a form of band-aide.  Improved alignment is achieved when both functions operate with a mutually understood definition of customer value needs and how they are communicated and delivered.  The potential improvement in operational costs, revenue generation, image, and sustained profitability are too great to ignore.  There is never a "good" time to address this issue; however, when the economy is soft, everyone is more attuned to looking for ways to do more with less.